2022 Rathfarnham 5K Run

Rathfarnham 5k Run

Many thanks to over 1,113 of you who have entered the Rathfarnham 5k on 25th September 2022. Thanks for supporting us and our chosen charity Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind after three years away.

We had 892 finishers in a high quality race with some excellent running conditions. Eoin Everard from Kilkenny City Harriers won the race in 14.31, Gerry Forde from Kilkenny City Harriers was second in 14.32 and Kevin Moore, Portlaoise AC was third in 14.33. In the ladies race Mary Mulhare, Portlaoise AC was first in 16.02, Laura Shaughnessy, Galway Cith Harriers was second in 16.15 and Lisa Madden, Sportsworld AC was third in 16.20. Kilkenny City Harriers took the mens team title and Sportsworld RC won the ladies team title.

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind were our chosen charity for the Rathfarnham 5k 2022. A cheque for €2,000 was presented to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind at the presentation cermony and on the Campaign programme on Eventmaster you pledged an additional €1,200 to the Irish Guide Dogs. Many thanks to you all.

With 13 runners finishing at 15.00 and under, 46 finishing at 16.00 and under, 100 at 17.00 and under, 299 at 20.00 and under, 575 at 25.00 and under, 777 at 30.00 and under and 892 finishers under 50.00, this was truely one of the fastest Rathfarnham 5ks yet. Well done to all.

The Rathfarnham 5k 2022 included the first running of the Dublin Championships 5k Road Race 2022. Dublin Championship medals were awarded to the first three senior men and ladies home along with the first three men and ladies in each of the Age Categories M/F 35+ to M/F 65+. In addition the first three senior mens and ladies teams home from Dublin Clubs, along with the first three teams in the Age Categories M35+, F35+, M50+ and F50+ were awarded. The full results are on the Myrunresults website at Rathfarnham 5k 2022.

Thanks to DNG Rathfarnham and Heritatage Credit Union our main sponsors for the Rathfarnham 5k 2022. The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind are our chosen charity. Please choose Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind if you want to donate to a worthwhile charity. To donate please click Irish Guide Dogs.

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